GILMA D’Agò is an international fashion brand founded in Italy in 2017. It was created due to the desire to combine creativity, imagination, design and style in a single fashion brand.

The brand philosophy is expressed in its authentic style, spontaneity, curiosity, easy-going way of life and other positive values which ​​reflect the company’s mission to celebrate the joy and lightness of the spirit.

GILMA D’Agò captures and anticipates market trends, new ideas, colours, fabrics and shapes to create high quality clothes and collections under the label “Styled in Italy”. Inescapable curiosity and careful look at the world and people have become main features of the brand. Its designers find ideas in different cultures and times to create new and unique clothes.

The brand also looks beyond the physical boundaries of boutiques to create a clear and recognizable visual identity: a woman wearing GILMA D’Agò is vivacious and joyful so she can feel confident on every occasion.


Demonstration of the GILMA D’Agò brand

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